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The meaning of the word Kabbalah in Hebrew is “acceptance“, but this is the term of the Jewish mysticism known all over the world.

This wisdom is based on the book of “Zohar”, written according to tradition by Rabi Shimon Bar-Yochai during the second century at the village of Pkeiin in the heart of the Galilee. The Kabbalah provides spiritual interpretations of the bible and the relationship between the human beings and the creation.

This quest tour shall begin at the village of Pkeiin at the very place in which Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai had to hide from the Romans and write the book of Zohar for 13 years. We shall also visit an ancient synagogue in the village which was inhabited by Jews ever since the Roman period.

Our next stop shall be at the spiritual Tombs of the Righteous (“Tzadikim”) situated on the way to the city of Safed. These wise and righteous people lived in the Galilee 1,500 years ago and their graves are regarded sacred by many.

We proceed to the mystical city of Safed known as a spiritual center of Kabbalah from the 16 century till our days. During our visit to the city we shall explore 3 ancient synagogues and learn about the lives and whereabouts of the founders of the Kabbalah who lived and worked in the city.

Our day is concluded in a tour at the artist quarter of Safed where you will enjoy the beautiful colorful shops and galleries that display artifacts and Jewish art.

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