About the tour
  • Join us to enjoy unlimited attractions and extraordinary experiences Israel has to offer such as Camel riding in the desert, dining in a Bedouin tent
  • Enjoy a guided Gastronomic Tour which begins at the market where products are purchased and is concluded with a superb Israeli dinner prepared by the participants
  • Experience a traditional Friday night Shabbat Dinner as guests in a house of an English speaking family
  • Meeting Israeli soldiers, right at their military base
Additional attractions
  • Jeep & ATV tours in different locations: the Galilee and the Golan Heights, the Negev & around the Sea of Galilee
  • Ride a Hot air balloon above the Gilboa Mountains and the Jezreel Valley
  • Visit boutique wineries (there are more than 400 of them throughout Israel)
  • Visit sheep and goat diaries where we shall learn about cheese making process
  • Take part in the harvest of olives and follow the production of olive oil (in the season)
  • Witness and take part in the harvest of dates (in the season)
  • Take a swim in hidden hot springs and fresh water springs
  • Visit Bedouin and Druze villages
  • Meet Israeli farmers that grow orchids and other flowers
  • Visit jewelry designers and diamond traders
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