About the tour

This day tour is dedicated to the worriers whose determination, courage and struggles enabled the establishment of the Jewish state.

Our tour begins at the “Independence Hall” in Tel Aviv where Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared the establishment of the State of Israel.

Our next stop shall be at the “Ayalon Institute”, where a small secretive underground factory produced, under great risk, ammunition for the newly formed Israeli Army during the War of Independence.

On our way to Jerusalem we shall visit a unique haven of peace between Israelis and Arabs – the village of Neve Shalom which is comprised of Jews and Arabs living together. Not far from there we shall visit the famous Latrun and “Bab El Wad” (The Valley Gate), which was the only corridor to Jerusalem, a city under siege in 1948.

The city of Jerusalem, with its 100,000 Jewish inhabitants (out of 650,000 in all of Israel) depended on supply convoys from Tel Aviv which were target to attacks by the Arabs. At the Military Cemetery of Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim the heroic stories of these brave fighters who fought and died to keep the road to Jerusalem open during the War of Independence will be told.

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